Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Oh, My Little Buttercup

The other day the boys and I went out to lunch at a Chinese place with tofu items on the menu. Nico has loved tofu since he was a baby, so even though Buttercup inspired him to give up meat (at least land animals) he's always been a fan of the bean.

As we were leaving, we noticed a group of animal rights activists protesting in front of a popular fast food place. The boys had never seen a protest before, so at first they were confused, even uncomfortable. People yelling! Being angry! Very stressful! It took a few seconds for them to get over their shock and listen to the message. Nico looked at me with wide eyes. Here were people who cared about animals like he did! He walked up to them, all 8 years of him, and asked for some literature.

The man in charge was surprised, then impressed. He gave Nico a high-five. Mikey looked abashed; Nico looked smug.

"See, Mikey? They're like me!"

Mikey read some of the literature, but I took it away from Nico before he could see the images. This is the child who burst into tears when the shark ate the seal on NatGeo. He doesn't need to see cows with their throats slit.

After only a few glances at the pictures, Mikey vowed to never eat meat again. His pious vegetarianism lasted 5 hours. Nico's 1-year anniversary is next month. Later that night, as Mikey ate his pepperoni pizza, he said, "Nico should be a saint for animals. I mean, the kid doesn't even eat pigs in Minecraft. He goes to the villages and collects wheat to make bread, or he takes vegetables from gardens. One time he chopped down a tree to eat the apples. He would rather starve and lose his life than eat a square pig! That's dedication, mom."


  1. Vegetarian MineCrafter - I really love that so much! That really is commitment and dedication for sure.

  2. this reminds me of an episode of 'this american life', in which two brothers are interviewed and are at different places on vegetarianism. http://www.thisamericanlife.org/radio-archives/episode/553/stuck-in-the-middle-2015 their story is just the intro... a few minutes long.

    and nico? totally dedicated and future saint!~

  3. Your boys are so funny, I just love their witty ways. How is Buttercup doing with being an only pet now? Happy spring time....

  4. Nico IS impressive. I tried vegetarianism for a little less than a year. Then we had a brat cook out for Violet's birthday. Nothing better than a freshly grilled, beer boiled brat.

  5. That is dedication! I side more with Mikey. I see literature or look a cow in the eyes and I'm a vegetarian, for sure. Then a pepperoni pizza calls my name and it's all over. I've no self control . . .

  6. Jules, I thought of you and your boys the other day, when my 5 year old declared (after I served her tacos for dinner): "Mom, I'm a vegetarian...except for chicken nuggets."!

  7. Adorable! :-)

    Last month [two days after you posted this!] was my ninth anniversary of becoming vegetarian [which was the day I turned 25]. I'd never liked meat very much, and already avoided certain kinds for religious reasons, so once I saw/read the literature it was cemented for me. I refused to allow meat in the house anymore; my husband only ate it while out of the house [dinners at work, etc.]. He ended up watching a video that turned his heart and he had his second anniversary just five days ago. The most difficult part has been finding things to eat when we go out/get takeaway; but on the other hand, I've lost 50 pounds in the past nine years [and my husband has lost 120 pounds over the past 16 years]… :-D


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