Wednesday, March 18, 2015

New Books in the Library

I've been buying books left and right for the library, and they're just starting to come in. Some of the books I bought with the school's money, and some of the money I used was my own. Lately, I've also been buying books for the boys and then donating those books to the library when they're done. Here are some of the books I added to the school collection.

Award Winners

Because we are a Catholic school, I have to be more judicious about what I buy, especially when it comes to Young Adult. Since I can't fill the shelves with books by John Green and David Levithan, I've decided to give the kids a library of award winners. Last year I bought a collection of Newbery winners from Scholastic, and this year I bought a collection of Caldecott winners. It's a set you can buy through Scholastic (so they're only Scholastic winners) but I can't find it online. Both sets included 30 or so books.

I also bought Beekle, the 2015 Caldecott winner and The Noisy Paint Box and Sam & Dave Dig a Hole, the 2015 Caldecott honor books. Nico read and loved the first two books, but The Noisy Paint Box absolutely mesmerized him. He kept telling me how amazing it was and how he couldn't stop reading it over and over again. We spent that night researching the artwork of Wassily Kandinsky, and this weekend Nico going to try to recreate some of his paintings.

I did the same thing with this year's Newbery winners. Crossover is still not in, but I received Brown Girl Dreaming and El Deafo. El Deafo is still in my TBR pile, but I read Brown Girl Dreaming. It was excellent.

Graphic Novels

Smile and Sisters, both by Raina Telgemeier, are hugely popular with the 5th and 6th grade girls. I doubt there is a girl in either class who hasn't already read these books, but I bought them anyway. They'll read them again, or maybe a reluctant reader will, and next year will bring a whole new batch of 5th and 6th graders.


I bought The Ghost of Fossil Glen, The Ghost of Mrs. Hobbs, and The Ghost of Cutler Creek for a 6th grade girl who wasn't much of a reader until last year, when I "strongly encouraged" her to read a book. She claims that she picked out The Ghost of Fossil Glen but nope. I gave it to her because I was desperate and grasping at straws. She ended up reading and becoming obsessed with the book. She's read it at least 6 times. The series is old, and we didn't have the second and third books. I bought all three with updated covers.

Great Fiction

I'm reading Twerp to the 5th and 6th grades. They love it and hang on my every word! It's set in the 60s and deals with peer pressure and bullying. Plus, Twerp is in epistolary format with, as you know, is my very, very favorite. I don't know anything about Finding the Worm, other than it's the sequel. I'm assuming it will be just as good as Twerp.

Good Role Model Books

The Girls to the Rescue series is a collection of "inspiring stories about clever and courageous girls from around the world." And that pretty much sums it up. They're not new or flashy, and the production value isn't the best, but they are solid books that come highly recommended. We'll see what the kids say.

Whew! Are you still there? I almost gave up half-way through this post. I had no idea I bought so many books, and those are only the most recent additions to the library that I haven't yet shared. 

I just realized something. All these books need wrapping. Nooooo! Anyone have some Netflix recommendations?


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! My older son (in first grade) was never into books, whether reading by himself of being read to. Then he discovered the Ninjago series. Last night he finished the first book and told me that he was 'sad that is was over.' :-) As you have said, the secret is finding that one book that gets them hooked.

  2. Heading to Amazon now for my 4th and 5th grade girls. Thanks!

  3. Did you ever buy/see the Zita the Space Girl series?


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