Monday, January 12, 2015

Days 41, 42, and 43

Today (day 43) was a great day. I worked so hard in the library and got so much done. Sure, I haven't completed even 1/16th of what I want done by February, but that's how it is with huge projects. I've broken everything down into bite size, manageable chunks. Clean out closet. Donate stuff in closet. Organize religion books. Wash hands 22 times because books are filthy. Awesome, but filthy.

I cleaned out the closet in about two hours over the course of three days. I spent 2.5 hours after school today pulling books and reorganizing the religion section. Religion is done, minus alphabetizing and placing anything I find hidden in the library. I found so much hidden in plain sight! We now have an entire shelf devoted to saint biographies. The books are vintage, but I don't see myself getting rid of them in the foreseeable future. If your child has ever had to do a saint report, you know biographies of one saint for kids are hard to come by, while saint dictionaries and encyclopedias are a dime a dozen. Those individual saint books are worth their weight in gold.

 Here's a little video I took today of the saint shelf. It's still messy, so be gentle.

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  1. good work! I too have been rearranging at work and it just feels so good to have everything looking fresh.


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