Friday, December 26, 2014

Days 26 and 27

It got cold all of a sudden! I had to wear my winter coat, which I've had for years and years. That's the thing about winter in my part of California. Coats last forever because you rarely wear them. Classic shapes and styles are key--says the woman in a cherry red coat.

Today, day 27, was really hard. I did not want to take a walk. I procrastinated, took a nap, and moaned about it until I had no choice but to leave at 4:30 before it got too dark. Funny, it's not until I wrote "I had no choice" that I realized I did have a choice. I'm not talking about work, or a family birthday party, or prescheduled surgery. I could have skipped my walk and stayed home without any real consequence. 

That's the key to exercising daily. If you treat it like an iron-clad obligation, you'll do it. This is how I treated my walks all of 2013, but it's not how I treated them in 2014. I walked only a handful of times in 2014. 

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